After two seasons with the Czech National Ballet, I joined the Slovenian National Ballet. The next chapter has started in my professional life. The company in Ljubljana was smaller, and the directors gave me more opportunities: solo roles and promotion. As a demi-soloist, I felt I had bigger responsibilities. When modern and contemporary pieces were brought to the theatre, it made me realise that those styles are much closer to my heart than classical ballet. I have missed dancing for the pure joy and enjoyment of it; dancing for the sake of dancing, not only perfecting it.

season 2012/2013
— La Silfide by  August Bournonville

season 2013/2014
— Don Quixote by Irek Mukhamedov https://youtu.be/UmrF9iZl5Vc
— Coppelia at Montmartre by Youri Vamos
— Sleeping Beauty by Irek Mukhamedov
— Nutcracker by Youri Vamos
— Picko Packo by Torsten Händler

season 2014/2015
— Tristan and Izolda by Dan Dacu
— Swan Lake by Lynne Charles

season 2015/2016:
— Meso Srca by Rosana Hribar, Gregor Lustek
— Cacti by Alexander Ekman